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Why Join a Trade Associations ?

  I have often just asked the reverse ... Why aren't you a member ?
If you are serious about your business future and plan to have some say in what that future is ... then the answer is clear.

Many times I hear that associations never work, or it has been tried before, but the key point is that we must never quit trying, or working to protect our Industry. Otherwise, no one else will !
  The IABA may seem just like all associations from the past, but it is not !
We have bi-monthly meetings that we invite you to attend as our guest to see for yourself. We provide the most up-to-date information about what is going on across the World, Nation, State, and your local area, so you can make good sound business decisions. You also will be networking with other Industry professionals, and see that you are "Not the Only One".
  As an IABA member you will also receive discounts on many products and services you are already currently using. In fact our member benefit savings exceed the cost of your membership !
  Check out the following documents for further information:

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