Without unselfish support provided by companies and individuals through our sponsorship
programs, we will have an almost impossible task of growing our association, and achieving
our goals. Since we wish to maintain our membership dues structure to a level in which all
Industry members can afford, the revenue generated through general dues can't support all
the activities in which we need to accomplish for the Industry. Sponsorships allow us to
complete projects we can not with dues alone. You can always pledge monies to special
projects or events, but we also have key sponsorships as well. 

These key sponsorship levels are available for any organization that wishes to support
our association to a higher level.


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  Platinum $2000.00   Full Member, Website, Newsletter, Members Portal, Sponsor Page, Members Only Page, Pre-Meeting Board Individual, Membership Email 4 Times per Year, Newsletter Contributor
  Gold $1500.00   Website, Newsletter, Members Portal, Sponsor Page, Pre-Meeting Board Individual
  Silver $1000.00   Website, Members Portal, Newsletter, Pre-Meeting Board Individual
  Bronze $  500.00   Members Portal, Newsletter, Meeting Pre-Meeting Board Group

        * See Information Packet for Details of Benefits

You can also sponsor specific events, projects, or initiatives of the association. This
includes legislative committee activities, special projects, guest speaker expenses,
or any other association initiative.

These donations are tax deductible and will be earmarked for only your requested

Contact us for more information.