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  Today there is so much "mis-information" regarding the prevailing labor rates and market practices in the auto collision industry
  that it is necessary to conduct and independent survey annually to ensure the true rates are available to the public for viewing.

  This survey is conducted ongoing through the National AutoBody Research Company. This survey is the most comprehensive
  survey conducted in the collision industry. 

  Since currently, surveys conducted by insurance companies are not performed by an independent 3rd parties, and the results are
  not open for audits, their results have been suspect by the repair industry for decades. This is the reason the association is
  compelled to perform a survey through an online form that is validated but results are anonymous .

   Survey information is completely confidential, and does not identify any individual shops. 

  The Indiana Autobody Association supports an ongoing free market prevailing rate survey and currently provides
the average rates by two Regions The survey results are completely anonymous, but surveys are validated
to ensure they are being completed by collision repair facilities.

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