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 The following are frequent questions about the Survey.

   Q1.  What is the shop survey ?

          A. The shop survey is an ongoing gathering of shop door rates and other prevailing charges by Regions in Indiana.

   Q2.  Who conducts the survey ?

The shop survey is conducted by National AutoBody Research.

   Q3.  How is this survey performed ?

         A. The introduction page encourages shops to complete the online survey on a regular basis.

    Q4.  Is the survey information confidential ?

         A. Yes, the information received by the VRS is without shop identity.

    Q5. How often is this survey performed ?

         A. It is intended to be ongoing, anyone can survey at any time.

    Q6. How can we get more detailed information ?

         A. Contact NABR by clicking here

    Q7. What are "Weighted" Averages and Medians ?

         A. Instead of using a typical average/mean, the calculations are based on a weighted process based on the number of
             metal and/or combination technicians within a shop. This provides for a much closer average and median based on
             volume of work performed in a given county.

    Q8. What does it mean "door rate" or retail rates ?

         A. Discounted rates such as what you have agreed to for DRP's (Direct Repair Programs) are wholesale rates you have
             entered into a business agreement for preferred volume. You should have an established "retail rate" for your services
             that is designed for insurers or customers that are not part of your DRP agreements.

             You may not realize that the prevailing rates of a market are not suppose to be based on wholesale rates through
             business agreements, but are to be based on the market's retail rates.

    Q9. What does it mean "metal technicians and/or combination technicians" ?

         A. To properly weight the responses it is necessary to know how many metal/frame technicians you have employed at
             the time of the survey. If your shop utilizes combination metal/paint technicians then you count them.

             If you have separate refinish techs and mechanics, you do not count them. Just include those that perform metal
             and/or structural work on a daily basis.

    Q10. Why do they ask for a contact name and telephone number ?

         A. The survey results are completely anonymous, but to validate the survey, they receive a contact information
             to verify it was completed online by a "real" collision repair facility.

    Q11. What does it mean by "Certified Aluminum Technician ?

         A. A certified aluminum structural technician is a technician that has been certified by a vehicle manufacturer's
             certification process. This certification includes Audi (Aluminum), BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes.




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