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  Single Shop Location $   395.00 *
    Note: All Locations Within the State Must be Members
    Multiple Shops: (Please send all location information and contacts by e-mail)  
  2 Facilities Within the State $   600.00 *
  3 Facilities Within the State $   750.00 *
  4+  Facilities within the State $ 1000.00 *
  Individual Education Membership $   150.00 *
  Out of State $   250.00 *


                            * Annual Dues Payments are for 12 months from the date of approval.

Payment Information

  I am sending a check payable to IABA today to: IABA  PO Box 532364  Indianapolis IN 46253
  I am paying by Credit Card Annually
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        ** Monthly Auto Payments are based on 10% of Annual Dues paid for each month.

   The annual dues for repair facilities includes the IABA ID Kit which includes the outdoor signage and
   window decal. ID Kits are not included with other memberships, but can be ordered. Two ID kits are
   provided to multi-shop members included in the dues. Additional kits can be ordered at a cost of
   $99.00. (One time fee)

   Please send me (additional) IABA ID Kits for my facility @ $99.00 each.

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        I understand my credit card will be charged for the annual dues for this year only.

        I understand the usage of the IABA ID materials/Members Portal is contingent upon
            being an active current member, and if I am delinquent on dues, and/or no longer a
            member, I may be requested to remove the signage and ID materials, and return to
            the IABA upon request.

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